truss-frame furniture

A name and a brand reinterpreting the Matilde di Canossa’s monogram (11th- 12th century AD), who has historically defined the area where Matilda Est is located.

A tribute to that woman who first lived as a protagonist of European history.

Matilda Est arredamento in alluminio
Matilda Est complementi arredo


Matilda Est offers aluminium welded tubes frameworks furniture.

Matilda Est translates the firmness of the truss structures, usually designed in mechanical and civil architecture constructions, into distinctive and functional pieces of furniture.

Matilda Est

Firmitas. Utilitas. Venustas.

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (1st century AD), the first architecture theorist, conceived a validation paradigm aiming to fulfil the principles dictated by the triad:

Firmitas i.e. strength, structural resistance to stress

Utilitas i.e. serviceability, usefulness

Venustas i.e. grace, beauty, aesthetic pleasure


The Matilda Est works show an on-sight metallic backbone. The volume of the object fades out with an effect of lightness and transparency. Light runs through it, playing a game of reflections and border blurring.


Matilda Est summarises the ideas of Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas by making furniture based on truss framework.

The configuration of our frames is developed on a structural texture basis: the resulting lattice design blends shape and function, sealing in a volume the grace of the field lines crossing the space.